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Quality Class 3B laser therapy at an affordable price
Designed and manufactured in Australia

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Equine & Canine Solutions

Drug-free and pain free way to treat animal injuries both safely and effectively. Ideal for treating performance animals – racehorses & greyhounds. 

Portable, Powerful, Professional, Programmable 

Rapid pain relief and healing with the Class 3B VetLaser 3000 in your stable, kennel or Veterinary practice.


Single and Cluster Head Packages

Available in all common wavelengths – 658nm, 785nm, 808nm, 830nm and 904nm

Ideal for use by Owners, Trainers and Vets!

“The VetLaser 3000 rapidly reduces pain, swelling and inflammation in muscles, tendons and ligaments ensuring fast and effective recovery times”           HP 2020                           

Prices from $2500-$9316 Australian Dollars

The Class 3B Cold VetLaser 3000 laser therapy unit developed by Laserex surpasses the specifications and performance features other devices aspire to.

Purchase the VetLaser 3000 Online 24/7 from Laserex’s secure Online Shop!

5 Star Performance at a 3 Star Price!

Class 3B Cold Laser Therapy is used around the world to manage animal injuries.  The VetLaser 3000 comes with Laser Diodes NOT LEDs.  

Veterinary Laser


Infrared wavelengths penetrates 5cm into muscle tissue providing rapid pain relief and healing.  The Laserex VetLaser 3000 is the ideal product for Vets, owners & trainers to manage animal injuries.


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