Bahr Frequencies

Professor Frank Bahr was another leading scientist who investigated the benefits of Auricular therapy and how this can assist with the healing process.  His research lead to new theories regarding using Pulsed Laser Therapy for treating animal injuries. Over time, further research conducted backs up the use of these theories with researchers gaining excellent results using this treatment modality.

Both he and Dr Paul Nogier did extensive research investigating how laser therapy can be used to heal many common ailments without the need for taking drugs.

Continuous wave, Nogier & Bahr frequencies

The Bahr frequencies that the VetLaser 3000 can be used include the following:

  • 599 Hz
  • 963 Hz
  • 699 Hz
  • 637 Hz
  • 1131 Hz
  • 1199 Hz
  • 1927 Hz
  • 1102 Hz
  • 2398 Hz

Bahr Frequencies

All of the above Bahr frequencies can be manually entered into the VetLaser 3000 and used to treat your injured animal.  This is another added feature of the VetLaser 3000 allowing one to use the unit in Continuous Wave (CW), Nogier or Bahr frequencies.

Please visit the following link to read more about Nogier & Bahr Frequencies. 

When purchasing the VetLaser 3000 you will receive information about Nogier frequencies and how they can assist with improving your animal’s health.  A great deal of research has been conduced world-wide into laser therapy and the frequencies to use when treating animals.  That is why the VetLaser 3000 is available in CW as well as Nogier and Bahr frequencies thereby providing users with the options of using the most suitable one based on their animal’s condition.

Other laser therapy units only operate in the one frequency, namely Continuous Wave, limiting their use.  With the ability to use Nogier as well as Bahr Frequencies, the Laser 3000 gives the clinician a wider choice of frequencies to choose from depending upon the condition being treated.

The following link provides an excellent article covering Bahr frequencies.

When adding the dosages and frequencies into the VetLaser 3000, the unit automatically calculates the time taken to deliver the dosage and there will be an audible beep heard during the countdown.  It is also possible to adjust the loudness of the beep – another added advantage of the VetLaser 3000!

Clinical Advantage

This is another example of the superior nature of the VetLaser 3000.  Being a versatile unit, one has several options up their sleeve in order to treat the injured animal.

Continuous Wave & Pulsed Nogier Frequencies

The VetLaser 3000 operates in Continuous Wave as well as 7 Pulsed Nogier frequencies.  Please visit the following link to learn more about Continuous Wave & Pulsed Nogier frequencies.

Laserex can provide the Laser 3000 specifically programmed with a 7 Nogier & 7 Bahr frequencies.  Contact Laserex for further details.

Bahr frequncies

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