Why buy from Laserex?

Exceptional Customer Service

Laserex prides itself on providing superior customer service and after sales support in the Veterinary Laser Therapy field.

We understand the importance of purchasing the appropriate product that meets your needs in terms of specifications, application and budget.  Our friendly and experienced sales staff will answer all your questions in a timely and accurate manner.

When you purchase from Laserex, the person who takes your order will communicate with you and keep you up to date with the progress of your order, informing you of the tracking details of the consignment note.

You will also be provided with a link to the freight company’s website, so you can track the status of your order.

Upon receiving the goods, we will follow up with you to gain your feedback.


With the VetLaser 3000 there are several packages available offering different wavelengths, heads – Single or Cluster as well as output powers.  We will explain and help you decide which is the best option for your application.

Cold Laser Therapy

Fast Shipping

Orders placed through our secure Online Shop usually have a same day shipping service.

Quality Class 3B Cold Laser

The VetLaser 3000 was designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards and comes with a 2 year Manufacturer’s guarantee.

Our products deliver what they are designed for – laser therapy that provides pain relief and rapid healing properties.

Laser Therapy Experts

Laserex has been designing and manufacturing laser therapy products for the last 30 years.  We know the specifications customers require and performance parameters they expect to receive.

There are some companies that make outrageous claims regarding their products that they simply cannot back up with any scientific evidence.

The VetLaser 3000 range of cold laser therapy products are designed to perform to the specifications the products are manufactured to.

Laserex is listed on the Swedish website, www.laser.nu under the Laser Manufacturer’s section.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Assured Company

Laserex is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Company  and is audited by an external agency on a yearly basis.  We have a series of procedures and protocols covering Engineering, Production, Sales & Marketing as well as Quality Control that the company abides by.  In doing so we are able to deliver quality products that exceed customer expectations.

The VetLaser 3000 is designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.

Contact Laserex on +61 8 8221 6844 or sales@laserex.net