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Single Head

The Single Head Laser 3000 comes with an 808nm diode and 300mW output power, making it ideal for the accurate targeting of acupuncture points, trigger points as well as small muscle areas. It is possible to use the Laser 3000 either in Continuous Wave or one of 7 Pulsed Nogier frequencies.

A 500mW Single Head Laser 3000 is also available from Laserex, making it one of the most powerful Class 3B single head Laser therapy units on the market.

The 500mW Single Head is available through Laserex’s Secure Online Shop.


The portable and lightweight nature of the Laser 3000 makes it an ideal accessory for the owner, trainer or vet wanting a powerful Class 3B laser, without the need for a bulky desktop system limited to office use only.  This allows for easy transportation of the unit either to the racetrack, stable or farm.  Coming with 2 sets of rechargeable batteries, the VetLaser 3000 is the ideal product for the busy Vet, trainer or owner.

Cluster Head

The Cluster Head Laser 3000 comes with 3 x 808nm Infrared and 1 x 635nm Visible laser diodes that deliver a total of 450mW output power. Covering a larger area in the one treatment time, makes the Cluster head Laser 3000 ideal for treating large muscle groups and musculoskeletal injuries.


The versatile nature of the Laser 3000 enables both the single and cluster head to operate off the same handle, interchangeably. There is also the ability to store up to 14 dosages into the unit’s memory.

Conditions Treated

The deep penetrating nature of infrared lasers such as the 785nm, 808nm, 830nm and 904nm versions of the Laser 3000 enables the laser to penetrate up to 5cm into the muscle tissue.

This makes the Laser 3000 perfect for treating inflammation, joints, as well as injured tendons, muscles and ligaments all common injuries found in racehorses and greyhounds.

Multiple Wavelengths Available

Laserex can also manufacture the Laser 3000 with different wavelengths upon request as well as OEM versions of the product with your company name, corporate logo etc.

Contact Laserex for further details or to place your order through Laserex’s secure Online Shop.

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