The specifications and prices of the Laser 3000™ make it one of the best performing and competitively priced veterinary lasers available on the market.

SpecificationsOutput Power
Single Heads
1 x 658nm30mW
1 x 808nm300mW
1 x 830nm35mW
1 x 904nm70mW
1 x 850nm45mW
Cluster Heads
3 x 658nm90mW
3 x 808nm450mW
3 x 830nm105mW
3 x 904nm210mW
3 x 850nm135mW

Powers & Wavelengths

The powers and wavelengths of the Laser 3000™ make it ideal for treating both large and small muscle groups found on greyhounds and horses. The output powers ensure that the laser beam penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, relieving pain and promoting healing.

Easy to Upgrade

The adaptable nature of the Laser 3000™ design allows one to upgrade to a new head that attaches to the base unit initially purchased. For example, one may purchase a single head 658nm, 30mW version of the Laser 3000™.  In order to upgrade to a 830nm, 35mW all that is required is the purchase of the head. Contact Laserex for pricing.

High Quality Cost Effective Solution

Compared to other similar products on the market, the Laser 3000™ is a very cost effective unit for the professional Veterinarian, owner or trainer looking for a high quality laser product.

Contact Laserex for further details or to place your order.

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