Laserex Technologies Pty. Ltd. is a wholly owned Australian Company located in Adelaide, South Australia.  Our facilities are located in the Adelaide CBD.

Laserex Technologies has been committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative, high quality Laser Therapy products for over 30 years.

Our laser therapy units are used throughout the World by Veterinarians, trainers and owners to treat their injured greyhounds, horses etc for numerous pain conditions and injuries.

You can read about Laserex, the organisation and the VetLaser 3000 below.

We are only an email, fax or phone call away, so please Contact Us for further information or assistance.

Laserex – The Organisation

Sales & Marketing

Our experienced sales and marketing staff can provide you with detailed technical information about the Laser 3000™ along with advice as to its correct usage etc

We work together with customers from initial contact through to product information, payment and delivery confirmation.


Custom Solutions

Our Custom Solutions Team combines years of experience in electronics, software, optical, laser and mechanical design.

We are only a phone call, fax or email away so please ask our Customer Solutions team to help with your new project or product.


The Laser 3000 is a trademarked logo and is registered as such.  No other laser company can label their product this way.

FDA Accession Number 

Laserex has an Accession Number from the FDA allowing for the Laser 3000 to be shipped and marketed into the United States of America.

Customer Support

Whatever your enquiry, concern or problem contact us direct in Australia for a quick response to any enquiry.


Laserex Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Endorsed Company, Licence No. QEC14638.

The quality, consistency and reliability of the products you receive is fundamental to our continued success as a leading manufacturer of laser products and solutions.


Our main production facilities are located in Adelaide, Australia.

We perform all our assembly and test activities in-house and have a very reliable international network of suppliers providing us with quality mechanical parts, electronics and optical components.

Laserex has a skilled and qualified production team that manufacture quality products to customer specifications with tight tolerances.  This is our specialist niche in the laser and optics market.


Several leading Australian and international suppliers form the backbone of our extremely effective and reliable supplier network.

In addition to this our proximity and strong links to South East Asia enable us to benefit from this very successful economy.


To keep up to date with the Laser 3000™, follow us on Twitter, @Equinelaser 3000

Class 3B Cold Laser