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Cold Laser Therapy

With the ever increasing demands placed on racehorses and greyhounds, the physical pressure on muscles and joints often results in injuries eg damaged or pulled tendons, forcing the animal onto the sidelines, missing their next event.  This is where veterinary cold laser therapy comes to the fore.

When one considers the amount of time these animals spend training on the track, added to the vigorous demands on race day, it is little wonder that many of these magnificent animals break down with injuries.

Veterinary Laser

This is where the Laser 3000™ veterinary cold laser plays an important role in a Veterinarian’s arsenal.  This unique product delivers the correct dosage levels required to treat injured animals thus ensuring their recovery is a speedy one.  The benefits of low level laser therapy in treating damaged muscles and tissues is well known and widely documented in research literature.  Laserex’s research into high powered laser therapy units revealed a segment of the market not being serviced adequately by a hand-held laser product.

The VetLaser 3000 produces the correct dosages required to treat all common injuries in horses, dogs as well as other animals.  The powerful nature of the product enables rapid healing of the injury in a safe, effective and drug-free way.

Pain relief

Class 3B Veterinary Laser

The Laser 3000 is a Class 3B Veterinary Laser (Class IV Lasers can burn). The Laser 3000 uses lasers not LEDs. Lasers have proven time and time again as far superior in treating injuries than LEDs. Low intensity laser therapy is widely accepted as one of the best methods to treat injured animals, as well as being drug-free.

There is significant research data conducted by Universities and Research Institutes indicating the benefits of Cold Laser Therapy when used to treat injured animals.  The health benefits occur very quickly, resulting in rapid pain relief and results.

Deep Penetration

The output powers available in the Laser 3000™ enable the unit to penetrate deep into the tissue, thus making the unit ideal for treating large muscle groups as found in horses and greyhounds.  The design and functionality of the Laser 3000™  make it a very user friendly product.  

It is simply a matter of switching the unit on, selecting the correct dosage after consulting the color chart and then placing the head onto the muscle tissue.

The Laser 3000™  consists of an attractively finished hand piece along with batteries and mains adaptor for re-charging.  The unit can be mains or battery operated with a battery life of 8 hours continuous use.

The Laser 3000 can also be re-charged using an AC Adaptor, thereby eliminating the need to remove the batteries from the unit.

Low Level Laser Therapy

The Laser 3000™  is a Class 3b low level laser.  The versatility of the Laser 3000™ enables the unit to be operated with a wide range of interchangeable single or cluster probe heads.  The Laser 3000™ treatment times are relatively short due to the higher laser power density.

Continuous & Pulsed Nogier Frequencies

The unit comes with Continuous Wave as well as 7 Pulsed Nogier frequencies. The Laser 3000 comes with 6 dosages pre-programmed into the unit’s memory.

Laserex will also supply a flow-chart explaining the operation of the Laser 3000 indoors and outdoors with respect to the stored dosages.

The high contrast colour OLED display makes the Laser 3000 ™ a pleasure to use.  The unit comes with a digital timer and audible beep, making it a very user friendly product.  Due to the high powers available, treatment times are often 30 sec or less per treatment area.  As a result, more time is available to concentrate on other injured regions of the animal’s body .

Re-chargeable Batteries

The Laser 3000™  is supplied with 2 sets of 2700 mAh NiMH re-chargeable batteries and comes with a 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. The Laser 3000™ is a portable, powerful, professional programmable veterinary cold laser that can be used to treat both horses and greyhounds as well as other animals.

It is also possible to recharge the unit with the batteries inside the handle using the AC Adaptor that plugs into the side of the handle.

Safe & Effective Form Of Treatment

Low level laser therapy is a safe, efffective, reliable method to treat injured animals. The rapid healing and deep penetrating properties of cold lasers such as the Laser 3000™, ensure results occur with the minimal amount of time.

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Class 3B Cold Laser