Equine Laser Therapy

Cold Lazer Therapy – AEL IR 4400 Equine Laser

Low Level Lazer Therapy (LLLT) is a safe, proven painless, effective and drug free treatment modality that is ideal for use on injured horses.  Equine Laser therapy reduces pain and uses the animal’s natural healing systems to regenerate cells.

Being a portable and powerful Class 3B handheld laser, the AEL IR 4400 can be used to treat injured horses right on the spot without having to wait home to use a bulky desktop system or to make an appointment to see a Vet.

Photons of Light

The billions of photons of light produced with laser therapy are absorbed at the cellular level which is used by the body to begin repairing damaged and injured tissue in the horse. Inflammation and pain are reduced as well as a rapid increase in healing taking place.  This is a bio- stimulating effect of using cold laser therapy, such as the AEL IR 4400.

close up photography of brown horseClass 3B Laser

Due to the enormous strains placed on equine athletes during competition, having a Class 3B laser therapy unit such as the AEL IR 4400  gives owners, trainers and vets a competitive advantage over those not using a product of this nature.  Being safe and with no side-effects, LLLT laser therapy has a 90% success rate when used on injured horses.

AEL IR 4400

Laserex in conjunction with Australian Equine Lasers has developed the AEL IR 4400, a Class 3B laser specifically for the Equine Market.

After 2 years of exhaustive Research & Development the AEL IR 4400 with a 904nm Cluster Head with 450mW of output power was launched onto the World-Wide market.  This product has proven to be a huge success in treating all common equine injuries – safely, effectively and drug-free.  best of all, NO FORMAL TRAINING IS REQUIRED!

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To place your order please contact the Director of Australian Equine Lasers Tracey Mizzi.

Equine Laser Therapy

Therapy lasers are reliable and effective in treating all common ailments suffered by injured horses.  The AEL IR 4100 is an easy to use product that enables one to administer pain relief in an effective manner.

This will ensure your horse is in maximum physical performance, without the need of using drugs and having the animal sidelined for extended periods of time.  This is yet another reason for using low intensity laser therapy such as the AEL IR 4100 to treat your injured horse.

Cold laser light therapy is a proven method used to treat horses.  Clinical studies and research papers clearly indicate the positive and immediate effects of using lasers to treat injured horses.

Advantages of using the AEL IR 4400 include:

  • Rapid wound healing
  • Increased Vascular activity
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Rapid growth of cells
  • Metabolic activity is increased
  • Increase in stimulated nerve function

Safe & Effective

Low intensity lasers that are Class 3B with <500mW of output power, are safe and do not have the ability to burn, unlike Class 4 lasers that have the potential to if used incorrectly.

Veterinary lasers are used to treat:

  • Injured hocks
  • Suspensory ligament injuries
  • Fetlocks
  • Stifles
  • Bone spur

As well as many more conditions…

Laser therapy is a well-accepted and used method of treating injured horses…

The AEL IR 4400 Kit Includes:

  • Cluster Head with 3 x 904nm IR laser diodes and 1 x 635nm Vis red aiming beam
  • 2 sets of rechargeable batteries
  • Battery recharger
  • RF Interlock
  • AC Adaptor for recharging batteries whilst inside the handle
  • IR Viewing Card
  • Laser Safety Eyewear
  • User Manual
  • Color printed PowerPoint presentation
  • Color chart with muscle groups and treatment protocols

Class 3B Cold Laser