Q.  What batteries does the Laser 3000™ use?

A. The Laser 3000™ uses 4 x AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, that provide 2 hours of continuous use. The Laser 3000 comes with a battery re-charger along with instructions. The User Manual provides instructions as to their correct installation in the Laser 3000™.

Q. Does the Laser 3000™ come with a warranty?

A.  The Laser 3000™ comes with a 2 year Manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers the Laser 3000™ from faults through normal, day to day use.

Q.  Where can I purchase batteries for the Laser 3000™?

A. Batteries can be purchased at all good battery shops or direct from Laserex if required.

Q. How can I purchase a Laser 3000™

A.  Contact Laserex either by phone, email or fax to place an order. You can also purchase Online through Laserex’s secure Online Shop.

 When placing orders, remember to include full name and address and a daytime phone number. These are required for the consignment note when goods are shipped.

Q. I am interested in becoming a Distributor of the Laser 3000™, what do I have to do?

A.  Contact Lserex and a draft of a Distributor Agreement will be emailed to you to read. Laserex is always looking for interested parties to distribute its products. The Agreement can either Non-Exclusive one or Exclusive. Please contact Laserex for further information.

Q. Can I pay for my purchase by credit card?

A. Yes, Laserex accepts all major credit cards. Payments can also be made by Telegraphic Transfer of funds into our Bank Account. Contact Laserex for our Banking Details. When you receive your unit, you will receive a Tax Invoice and a credit card statement for your records.

Q. How long do I need to re-charge my batteries for?

A. The batteries require 8 hours of re-charging. The Laser 3000 comes with a battery re-charger included with the unit, along with a spare set of batteries. These are included as standard items with the Laser 3000.

Q. Can the Laser 3000™ be shipped to me in my country?

A. The Laser 3000™ can be shipped to all countries in the world. Laserex ships goods via well known international freight companies and will provide you with a tracking number. Contact Laserex for an accurate estimation of the freight charge to your country.

Q. Is it necessary to use safety eyewear with the Laser 3000™?

A. As the output power is at a high level, laser safety eyewear must be worn at all times. Safety eyewear is included with the Laser 3000.  Space is available in the carry case allowing for safe and convenient storage of the safety eyewear when not in use.

Q. Where can I purchase safety eyewear when using the Laser 3000™?

A. Contact Laserex for laser safety eyewear. Laserex has a wide range of eyewear suitable for all output powers and wavelengths.

Q. Is it possible to have a custom made Laser 3000™ manufactured to my spec?

A. Laserex can manufacture a custom made version of the Laser 3000™ to your specifications.  Our R&D department will work together with you to design and develop a unit suitable for your application. There are many different output powers and wavelengths that can be used in laser therapy. Contact Laserex for further details

Q. Is the Laser 3000™  FDA Approved?

A. The Laser 3000™ has been granted an Accession Number by the FDA allowing it to be shipped into the US for Veterinary use.

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