Dog Laser

Greyhounds place enormous strain on their muscles as they run at fast speeds around the track. This increases the chances of injuries occurring as the dogs push their bodies to the limit in order to perform.

This is where Cold Laser Therapy has proven to be one of the most effective, drug free non invasive products to treat injuries. The ability of low level lasers to reduce pain, inflammation as well as heal ligaments and joints has been proven with over 2500 studies performed world-wide.

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Rapid Healing

The rapid healing and deep penetrating properties of the Laser 3000 make it ideal for treating:

  • Wounds
  • Inflamed muscles
  • Deep-tissue acupuncture points
  • Tendonitis
  • Chronic pain
  • Soft tissue injuries

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The accelerated healing associated with the Laser 3000 make it the ideal product for owners, trainers and vets who wish to effectively manage their animal’s injury. Particular wavelengths of light eg 808nm, 830nm and 904nm along with the correct dosage levels have proven to be the most effective in treating injured greyhounds.

The VetLaser 3000 is used as a Dog Laser by people seeking a safe and effective, drug free form of therapy.

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Deep Penetrating

The Laser 3000 delivers dosages that will penetrate up to 5cm into the muscle tissue, quickening the time taken for injuries to heal.

Cold Lasers such as the Laser 3000 operate by supplying energy to the body via photons of light. A low level laser therapy machine such as the Laser 3000 is proving to be very effective at treating injured dogs as well as other animals.

The end result of using the Laser 3000 is that blood flows to the damaged tissue and inflammation is reduced. Cells are repaired as oxygen is supplied.

Being a therapeutic laser, the Laser 3000 treats all common injuries found in dogs, quickly and efficiently.


Laserex also has laser safety eyewear for dogs.  Please visit the following link to read more about Doggles.


Class 3B Cold Laser