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Low Level Laser Therapy

VetLaser 3000 Kit – Multiple Wavelengths (808nm, 830nm, 904nm and 635nm Visible red aiming beam)

The VetLaser 3000 Kit comes with: Laser Safety Eyewear, 2 sets of rechargeable batteries, AC Adaptor, Infrared viewing card, carry case with foam insert. The handle with OLED color screen is also included.The VetLaser 3000 comes with 420mW of output power and is a Class 3B Cold Laser.



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Low Level Laser Therapy

VetLaser 3000 Cluster Head

The VetLaser 3000 Cluster Head comes with 3 x 808nm laser diodes and 1 x 635nm visible red aiming beam. With 450mW of output power, the 808nm Cluster head penetrates 5cm into muscle tissue providing rapid pain relief and healing.Remember to add freight charge when ordering.


Please visit the following link to order other versions of the VetLaser 3000. 

VetLaser 3000

Laser 3000 Single Head with 808nm laser diode and 300mW output power. The Class 3B Single head is ideal for treating Acupuncture & Trigger points.


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