Glowing Customer Testimonials

After its successful launch in 2019, the AEL IR 4400 has quickly become the laser of choice for owners, trainers & Vets to treat injured horses.  People love the portability, user friendly nature of the laser and its rapid healing properties.

An added bonus is that NO FORMAL TRAINING is required!  Clear, concise instructions are included with the unit that is pre-programmed for you!

User Manual, Brochure, PowerPoint Presentation

To read more about this exciting new product, please download the  AEL User Manual 2019 AEL PowerPoint Presentation  & AEL IR 4400 Brochure

5 Star Reviews

Please visit the following link to read the 5 star reviews and glowing customer testimonials  on Facebook from people using the AEL IR 4400 to successfully manage their horse’s injuries.  These horses make quick recoveries and return back to the track, WINNERS!

Here are some of the customer testimonials from people using the AEL IR 4400

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The AEL IR 4400 is available through Australian Equine Lasers, the Exclusive Distributor of  this product.

Visit the Australian Equine Lasers Online Shop to place your order.

Outdated Technology

Don’t waste your time and money on outdated technology – LEDs, Ultrasound or Shockwave therapy.  Class 3B laser diode therapy is clinically proven to be the best treatment modality for horse injuries.  The laser penetrates 5cm into muscle tissue reducing pain, inflammation and healing damaged cells.  Pain pathways to the brain are also blocked, assisting with the healing process.


All the below horses WON THEIR RACES after being treated with the Australian Made AEL IR 4400 Equine Laser!

YouTube Videos

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To purchase the AEL IR 4400, please contact Tracey Mizzi on 0413 936 976 or by email.

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