VetLaser 3000

Ligament Injury Treated

Sufficient, a racehorse owned by the Wallace Group in New Zealand was recently treated for a superficial ligament injury to its front right leg with the Laser 3000™. After a treatment program suggested by Paula Stone from Stone Group Laser Technologies, the horse showed an amazing recovery, verified with scans taken by Veterinarians.

All parties concerned are very impressed with the performance of the laser and the racehorse’s recovery. The treatment program lasted several weeks and consisted of using a single 808nm 300mW head as well as the 658nm 90mW cluster head to the effected area.

Tendon Injuries

The New Zealand greyhound She Rocks, was recently treated with the Laser 3000™ for a strained tendon to her back leg.  The treatment program commenced 5 days before the race.  To the delight of all parties concerned, She Rocks finished second in the race.

The treatment protocol suggested by Paula Stone from Stone Group Laser Technologies resulted in a significant improvement to the greyhound’s injury, highlighting once again the benefits of using lasers to treat injuries.

Equine Therapy Products in the USA is achieving excellent results with the Laser 3000™.  The unit has successfully been used to treat tendon and ligament injuries on racehorses.  Thomas Rummell from Equine Therapy Products has used lasers for over 27 years and is very impressed with the Laser 3000™’s performance.

Wendy Lloyd-Roberts from the UK used the Laser 3000™ to treat rachorses and described the unit as “a brilliant product.”

The Laser 3000™ has already shown its effectiveness in treating injured racehorses. Laserex’s Swedish Distributor, So Hovslageri recently purchased the Laser 3000™ unit.

Tendons, Muscles & Ligaments

One of the horses treated with the unit won a major horse race in Sweden, with another horse coming second. An excellent result and proves the importance of using laser therapy to treat equine injuries. Whether they be injured tendons, ligaments or muscles, the Laser 3000™ is ideal for treating these conditions.

A leading greyhound trainer in Australia is using the Laser 3000™ on deep-seated injuries and soreness as well as on bones, muscle tissue, muscle tears and fatigue. Greyhounds treated with the Laser 3000™ are showing “a very good recovery”.

Thoroughbred Broodmare Farm

A thoroughbred broodmare farm in Australia is successfully using the Laser 3000™ on sales yearlings. The quick treatment times and portable nature of the unit are proving a huge advantage of the Laser 3000™. The unit is being used to treat haematomas, swelling and splints with excellent results.

Equine Bowen Therapist

An Equine Bowen therapist in Australia is using the Laser 3000™ to treat muscle soreness, arthritis, general tension, scars and wound healing in horses. The Laser 3000™ is used on dogs to treat muscle soreness, arthritis and hip dysplacia.

The therapist says the Laser 3000™ is “a beneficial tool to use on a professional level. To date I have received positive comments when using the laser in conjunction with deep muscle therapy”.

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