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Order the AEL IR 4400 

Ordering the AEL IR 4400 is safe and easy!  There are 2 options to choose from.

  1.  AEL IR 4400 Cluster Head 904nm, 450mW output power.  Comes with 3 x 904nm Infra-red laser diodes and 1 x 635nm visible red aiming beam.  The Cluster head is ideal for treating large muscle groups as found on horses.  The head covers a large area per treatment session.

Low Level Laser TherapyCluster head with aiming beam

2.  AEL IR 4400 Single and Cluster head 904nm kit.  Cluster head 450mW and Single Head 904nm with 150mW output power.

Laser 3000 Single and Cluster Head


The Single head is ideal for treating Acupuncture and Trigger points.  The Single head, when applied to the Acupuncture or Trigger point, delivers the correct dosage required to heal the injured area.  The kit also comes with an excellent treatment protocol book with color diagrams written by a well known Equine chiropractors Peter Rosin and Anja Fuchtenbusch.

An Equine Acupuncture book written by Dr David Gilchrist, a well respected Australian veterinarian, is also available.

Visit the Australian Equine Lasers Online Shop to place your order.

Laser Acupuncture Equine Acupuncture - Gilchrist







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