Used World-Wide

Owners, trainers & Vets world-wide use the AEL IR 4400 Equine Laser to treat their injured horses.  The 4400 is the best investment to make if you are serious about the health and well being of your horse.


Advantages of using the AEL IR 4400

  • No need to wait and see a vet if y our horse is injured.  Simply treat the injury after the race!
  • Safe, effective & easy to use – No formal training required!
  • If you are a Vet or animal therapist, then add the AEL IR 4400 to your treatments.  The unit pays for itself very quickly and will be a major source of additional income to your practice.
  • The 4400 is a Veterinary grade laser that comes with laser diodes, not LEDs.  These are far superior for deep penetration as is required for large muscle groups as found on horses.

Equine Disciplines

The AEL IR 4400 is used across all equine disciplines – thoroughbreds, standard-breds, equestrian, dressage, show-jumping etc.

  1. Portable unit – take it wherever you go!
  2. Class 3B laser – cannot burn, unlike Class 4 lasers that can if used incorrectly.
  3. Drug-free!
  4. Rapid healing, rapid pain relief, rapid results!

To order, contact Tracey on 0413 936 976 or 0423 400 365.  If you prefer, simply fill out the online form below: