VetLaser 3000 Training

Whilst there is no formal training required to operate the Laser 3000, there are a few simple straight forward things to do to get best use of the product.


Always refer to the horse or dog charts provided with the unit. It is simply a matter of selecting the area requiring treatment and then the dosage recommended from the Laser 3000’s memory. For example, if the dog chart states 3J for indoor use, one would select M1 from the Laser 3000’s memory and apply this to the muscle group.

You can place the head directly onto the injured area until the dosage (Joules) has been delivered.  After that, all one has to do is to press ENTER to repeat the dosage or shift the head to the next area and repeat the same procedure, etc

Open Wounds

If there is an open wound, then one should keep the head above the surface and then move the head in a forward and backward motion above the injured area. This is to minimize any chances of infecting the open wound.

The charts mention the treatment protocols for the Laser 3000 – how many times to treat the injured areas.

Videos & PowerPoint Presentations

There are a series of videos on Laserex’s YouTube channel detailing Operational Procedures for the Laser 3000.

These cover Continuous Wave and Pulsed Nogier frequencies, selecting dosages from the Laser 3000’s memory as well as manually entering dosages.

Further training can be provided either through Skype or Viber.


Class 3B Cold Laser