GPP IFR Laser 3300

Greyhound Performance Products GPP IFR Laser 3300

Laserex Technologies, in association with Jack Oglivie from Greyhound Performance Products have developed the GPP IFR Laser 3000 Greyhound Laser.  This laser comes with a 3 diode 808nm Cluster Head and 1 x 635nm visible red aiming beam with 450mW of output power.

Laser Diodes NOT LEDs

The 3300 comes with laser diodes not LEDs.  Only laser diodes can penetrate the deepest and provide rapid pain relief and healing.  Don’t be ripped off buying a LED therapy unit, you are wasting your time and money.

Jack has over 50 years experience as an owner and trainer of Greyhounds.  He has an encyclopedia of knowledge about greyhound health.

In only a few years, the GPP IFR Laser 3300 has become the #1 Greyhound Laser in the world used by well known owners and trainers who have all experienced excellent results since using the 3300 to treat injured greyhounds.

Need further proof? Check out the customer testimonials about this wonderful product.

Jack also sells a range of Black Tar and Calcium supplements for greyhounds.  Visit Jack’s website for more details and to place your order.

Join the winner’s circle, use the GPP IFR Laser 3300 on your injured greyhound and get red of those niggling injuries preventing your greyhound from performing at its best.

The GPP IFR Laser 3300 is the best laser therapy device for dogs on the market!

Turn those unlucky 3rds and 4ths to FIRST PAST THE POST!

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Greyhounds Treated with the Laser 3300 win Major Races!

In recent times, greyhounds treated with the GPP IFR Laser 3300 have won major races both in Australia and Ireland.

Distributor details in Ireland, please contact Chris

Tel. +353 8608 20848

YouTube Videos

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The GPP IFR Laser 3300 is used world-wide by owners and trainers who want their greyhounds in top shape ready to race and win.  Place your order today and join the Winner’s Circle.

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