Laser Therapy Comparisons

Comparison Table of VetLaser 3000 with Major Competitors

VetLaser 3000  Microlight ML830 Erchonia Thor Laser K-Laser
Laser Class Class 3B Class 3B Class 3a Class 3b Class 4**
Output Power 450mW 90mW 5mW-15mW 10mW-10W 18W or 25W
Laser Penetration 5cm 5cm 1cm 5cm 10cm (claimed by manufacturer)
Laser Wavelength 808nm 830nm 635nm 660nm, 810nm,850nm 790nm, 805nm, 970nm, 890nm
Price $US 1954
$US 3000 $US 6000+
$US 7800+
$US 15,000+
Interchangeable Heads Yes No No Interchangeable probes No
CW as well as Nogier frequencies Yes No Yes Yes CW and Super pulse
14 dosages memory Yes No No No Programmed dosages
Option of Multiple Wavelengths Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Portable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Re-chargeable batteries Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FDA Approved for Vet market Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
*Single Head 808nm 300mW
Cluster Head 808nm 450mW
$US 2509
 ** Class 4 lasers can burn if used incorrectly
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Class 3B Cold Laser