Laser Therapy Comparisons

Comparison Table of VetLaser 3000 with Major Competitors

VetLaser 3000 Microlight ML830ErchoniaThor LaserK-Laser
Laser ClassClass 3BClass 3BClass 3aClass 3bClass 4**
Output Power450mW90mW5mW-15mW10mW-10W18W or 25W
Laser Penetration5cm5cm1cm5cm10cm (claimed by manufacturer)
Laser Wavelength808nm830nm635nm660nm, 810nm,850nm790nm, 805nm, 970nm, 890nm
Price$US 1954
$US 3000$US 6000+
$US 7800+
$US 15,000+
Interchangeable HeadsYesNoNoInterchangeable probesNo
CW as well as Nogier frequenciesYesNoYesYesCW and Super pulse
14 dosages memoryYesNoNoNoProgrammed dosages
Option of Multiple WavelengthsYesNoYesYesYes
Re-chargeable batteriesYesYesYesYesYes
FDA Approved for Vet marketYesYesYesYesYes
*Single Head 808nm 300mW
Cluster Head 808nm 450mW
$US 2509
 ** Class 4 lasers can burn if used incorrectly
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Class 3B Cold Laser