AC Adaptor

The Laser 3000 now comes with an AC Adaptor allowing for direct re-charging without the need to remove the batteries from the therapy unit.  This adds another feature to the VetLaser 3000 thus eliminating the need to remove the batteries in order to charge the unit.

Types of AC Adaptor

Laserex will supply the suitable AC Adaptor for your region eg Australia, Europe, US thereby allowing use of this in your country.

It is simply a matter of plugging the AC Adaptor into the side of the Laser 3000 and allowing it to re-charge.  The User Manual explains the procedure to recharge the VetLaser 3000.

The VetLaser 3000 also comes with an external battery charger that can also be used to charge batteries, externally.

People have commented on this improvement to the VetLaser 3000, allowing for convenience when using the unit.

This allows for the quick, easy and convenient re-charging of the Laser 3000.


AC Adaptor
Laser 3000 with AC Adaptor

This is another design improvement made by the Engineering team to the Laser 3000.

Class 3B Cold Laser