Laser 3000

Decades of research indicate the positive effects of using advanced cold laser therapy to treat injured animals. The Laser 3000 is a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that penetrates deep into muscle tissue, quickly healing injuries and wounds.

Single & Cluster Heads

Laser 3000 Single Head Laser 3000 Three Head PackageLaser 3000 Single and Cluster Head

Single Head Laser 3000 3 Head Package Single & Cluster Head

The Australian made Laser 3000 is a safe, effective and easy to use product helping maintain your animal in peak condition.

The Laser 3000 is available in a wide range of heads in numerous wavelength and output power combinations.

Laser 3000 Packages

Visit the following link to read about the Laser 3000 packages available.

The recent addition of 904nm & 830nm heads and an all new Cluster head with 3 Infrared diodes and 1 visible aiming beam highlight the versatile nature of this product.

Benefits of using the Laser 3000:

Reduces painSpeeds up tissue repair
Increases blood flow to damaged tissueIncreases lymphatic drainage
Reduces inflammationCollagen forms faster
Rapid healing propertiesRelaxes tensed muscles
Rejuvenates cellsHeals soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains


The Laser 3000 is ideal for use by:

  • Veterinarians to treat animals in their practice or out in the field. The portable nature of the Laser 3000 makes it perfect for a variety of uses
  • Owners & Trainers who wish to manage their animal’s injuries safely and effectively themselves with rapid results without delays
  • Pet Owners who wish to treat injured house pets. Coming with an RF interlock, the Laser 3000 can be used indoors, with ease!

Support: Laserex supplies the Laser 3000 with a color User Manual and PowerPoint presentation along with color charts. If you have any questions, Laserex will call you to answer these.

All Major Credit Cards are Accepted: No personal credit card details are kept in our system.

Competitive Pricing

Compared to other Class 3B cold lasers, the Laser 3000 is very competitively priced, offering all the features and versatility one would expect of cold laser therapy units costing $5000 or more.


Laserex has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing and designing quality Cold Laser therapy products for use by vets, owners and trainers for many years.

Place your order today, so that you can benefit from advanced laser technology!

Laserex Technologies has been involved in the design and development of laser products and solutions for 30 years. During that time, Laserex has gained a world-wide reputation for high quality products with quick turnaround times and excellent levels of customer service.

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