New Cluster Head

Laserex has introduced a New Cluster Head containing 3 x Infrared Laser Diodes and 1 x 635nm Visible aiming beam.

The Laser 3000 was designed for the vets, owners and trainers who wish to effectively treat their animal’s injuries in a safe and effective way.

The 808nm Cluster Head is the most powerful version of the VetLaser 3000 manufactured by Laserex with 450mW of output power providing rapid pain relief and healing.

  • The Cluster head Laser 3000 is also available with Visible red laser diodes.  Contact Laserex for further details.
  • This is another advanced feature of the Laser 3000, making it one of the best performing portable laser therapy units available on the market.

Being a Class 3B Cold Laser, the VetLaser 3000 cannot burn. 

  • Due to the high output power, treatment times with the Cluster head are relatively short when compared to lesser powered units.

New Cluster Head

The visible red aiming beam allows for precise positioning of the head onto the injured muscle tissue.  Operating in either CW or 1 of 7 Pulsed Nogier frequencies, the VetLaser 3000 is a valuable tool when it comes to treating injured animals in a safe, effective and drug-free way.

The versatile nature of the Laser 3000 makes it one of the most advanced, portable, handheld laser therapy units on the market.  Vets, owners and trainers have provided glowing testimonials about the product and the benefits received from its use.

Please visit the following link to read more about Continuous Wave and Pulsed Laser Frequencies. 

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Class 3B Cold Laser