785nm, 808nm, 830nm & 904nm Wavelengths

Laserex has introduced a 904nm Cluster Head for the Laser 3000.  The 904nm wavelength is well known in the research literature for its deep penetrating and rapid healing properties.

A graph below shows that 808nm as well as 904nm are two of the best wavelengths for use in cold laser therapy applications.  The VetLaser 3000 is available in both wavelengths in either Single or Cluster head versions.

Wavelength graph
Laser therapy wavelength graph

(Graph from Hamblin, et al, Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Mechanisms for Low Light Therapy, PROC of SPIE, Vol 6140, 614001, 2006. )

785nm, 808nm, 830nm  and 904nm wavelengths penetrate deeply into muscle tissue, as well as tendons and ligaments promoting healing without the potential burning effects associated with Class 4 lasers.  Research conducted world-wide, repeatedly indicates that Infrared wavelengths used in laser therapy are most effective in relieving pain.

830nm Wavelength

The Laser 3000 is also available with 830nm wavelength.  Clinical trials have proven the efficacy of 830nm wavelength cold therapy lasers and their therapeutic and healing properties.  The above diagram highlights the effectiveness of this wavelength in veterinary laser therapy applications.

785nm Wavelength

The 785nm version of the Laser 3000 comes with an Infrared laser diode that provides penetration depth of 5cm with rapid healing and pain reduction.  Clinical studies conducted around the world have proven the 785nm wavelength to be one of the best wavelengths to use.

Infrared wavelengths have proven to be the most effective in penetrating deep into muscle tissue providing rapid pain relief and healing, in a drug free way.

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