New 904nm Cluster Head

904nm Wavelength

The VetLaser 3000 is now available with a 904nm Cluster Head producing 450mW of output power.  As with all Cluster Heads manufactured by Laserex, it also comes with a 635nm visible red aiming beam allowing for accurate positioning of the head onto the injured area.

The 904nm wavelength is used in laser therapy applications for its deep penetrating as well as rapid healing properties.

Class 3B Cold Laser

The properties of infrared wavelengths such as 904nm make them ideal for use in treating injured dogs, horses as well as other animals.  Vets, owners and trainers gain the most benefit when using infrared lasers to treat all common pain conditions and injuries.

With 120mW of output power, the 904nm cluster head is a useful tool for use by those requiring a high performing Class 3B cold laser therapy unit.


Soft or Cold Lasers, such as the VetLaser 3000 involve using phototherapy that involves applying coherent and monochromatic light to injured muscles and ligaments to stimulate the healing process.

Laser therapy has been scientifically proven to penetrate deep into muscle tissue, reducing pain and inflammation whilst at the same time increasing the tensile strength of repaired tissue.


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Class 3B Cold Laser