New 785nm

Affordable, Quality Class 3B Laser

The VetLaser 3000 is now available in 785nm wavelength either as a Single Head with 50mW of output power or Cluster Head with 150mW of power.

Being an infra-red wavelength, the 785nm penetrates 5cm into the muscle tissue.

The Cluster Head also comes with a 635nm Visible Aiming Beam allowing for the accurate placement of the head onto the injured muscle tissue, eliminating guesswork.

This version of the VetLaser 3000 is the most cost effective Laserex has on offer.

The Single Head VetLaser 3000 retails for only $1495 inc GST (Australian Dollars), whilst the Cluster Head version is $1995 inc GST.

This represents excellent value for money for a high performing Class 3B laser therapy unit that has all the features and performance characteristics of therapy units costing several thousand dollars more.

To order either of these products, please visit Laserex’s secure Online Shop.

Class 3B Cold Laser