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Cold Laser Therapy Equipment

The VetLaser 3000 is available for sale through Laserex’s secure Online Shop for purchase with a credit card on Paypal.  PayPal accepts all major credit cards.  As soon as your order is received, you will receive an acknowledgement of your order via email.

Upon shipping your order, Laserex will notify you of the tracking details, either through Toll Priority if within Australia or FedEx for overseas shipments.

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Laser Therapy Machines

Laserex has a wide range of VetLaser 3000 packages available for sale.  Our laser therapy machines are high performing units, that come with all the necessary features one would expect to find in a product costing several thousand dollars more.

Cold Laser Light is one of the most effective manes used to treat injured tendons, muscles and ligaments.  Infrared laser therapy eg 785nm, 808nm, 830nm and 904nm are the most common wavelengths used in laser therapy.

The VetLaser 3000 is available in these wavelengths in Single or Cluster head options.  The New Cluster Head now comes

Cold Laser Therapy Equipment

Cold Lasers such as the VetLaser 3000 are used in a wide range of settings, either in the office by Vets or out in the filed by owners and trainers.  The versatile nature of the product allows for ease of use, allowing for the correct treatment dosage to be effectively administrated, all with a minimum of fuss.

Upon purchasing the VetLaser 3000, you will receive a Quick Start Guide allowing for easy use of the unit that comes with 6 treatment dosages stored in the unit’s memory.

In total, 14 dosages can be store in the VetLaser 3000’s memory.

Cold Lasers for Sale

Compared to compatible products available on the market, the VetLaser 3000 offers excellent value for money and Return on Investment for those wishing to use the unit to treat their injured animals themselves.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been clinically proven as being one of the most effective treatment modalities to treat injured animals.  There are numerous research papers and studies indicating the positive outcomes obtained from using LLLT.

Another benefit is that LLLT is drug free, without any know harmful side-effects associated with its use.

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