Return On Investment

For the professional Veterinarian, the VetLaser 3000 is ideal as an additional tool for use in a busy small or large animal practice.

It would not take long for one to make a return on the money invested in the purchase of the VetLaser 3000.


For example, if one purchased the Cluster Head 808nm VetLaser 3000 for $3476 Australia Dollars, the following scenario would apply.

  • 1/2 hour session @ $50
  • 3 sessions / wk for one client = $150 per client
  • 3 clients / wk = $450/ wk income from using VetLaser 3000

Thus, it would only take 8 weeks to pay off the purchase of the VetLaser 3000!

For your information, the Single Head 808nm VetLaser 3000 costs $2662 Australian Dollars, making it only 6 weeks for the unit to pay for itself!

Please visit the following link to read more about the benefits of using Laser Therapy in a Veterinary Practice.

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