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The AEL IR 4400 is available through Australian Equine Lasers, the Exclusive Distributor of  this product.

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AEL IR 4400 Explained Video

With a powerful 904nm Cluster Head with 450mW of output power, the AEL IR 4400 is ideal for Owners & Trainers of horses who require rapid results.

The laser penetrates 5cm into muscle tissue providing pain relief and encouraging blood flow, thereby reducing inflammation and healing damaged cells.

Safe, Effective, Easy to Use & Drug-Free!

The AEL IR 4400 was designed so that anyone without any formal training can easily use the product.  The unit comes pre-programmed with dosages allowing for simple, straightforward use of the product.

All that is required is to select the injured muscle group from the chart provided and then the stored dosage in the AEL 4400’s memory and away you go!  An audible timer can be heard as the time counts down on the OLED color screen.

The AEL IR 4400 operates in 3 Frequencies – Continuous Wave, 1 of 7 Pulsed Nogier Frequencies 73Hz-4672Hz as well as Bahr Frequencies.  Each of these frequencies plays a part in improving the health and well-being of your horse.


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Veterinary Cold Laser

The AEL IR 4400 operates in continuous wave as well as 7 pulsed Nogier frequencies. It is also possible to operate the unit in Bahr frequencies.  People often want to know what the best cold laser therapy device is. The answer is simple, the AEL IR 4400 comes with all the features, performance and specifications, one would expect to fins in laser therapy bits costing many thousands more.  The best cold laser therapy machines are Class 3B as proven by numerous clinical trials and case studies carried out world-wide over the last 50 years.

Veterinary laser for sale

If you want to join the many owners, trainer and vets using the AEL IR 4400, please contact Tracey at Australian Equine Lasers.

Low level laser therapy, such as the AEL IR 4400, is the perfect addition to any stable or veterinary practice.  Ergonomically designed, this Australian made product is engineered to the highest standards and designed to last.

Cold Lazer Therapy

Cold lazer treatment is the ideal modality to use for equine injuries.  The 904nm Cluster head with 450mW of output power penetrates 5cm into muscle tissue, repairing damaged cells and blocking pain pathways to the horse’s brain in the process.  The end result is a RAPID recovery with your star performer back out on the track, racing and WINNING!


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