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4 Wavelength Multi Wavelength Cluster Head

Laserex has recently introduced a 4 wavelength Cluster Head version of the VetLaser 3000.

This version of the VetLaser 3000 coms with 808nm, 830nm, 904nm along with a Visible red aiming beam, 635nm. 

The combination of the 3 x Infrared laser diodes enables the Multi-Wavelength cluster head  to treat numerous pain conditions and injuries in dogs, horses as well as other animals.  Other Multi-Wavelength cluster head units on the market can cost upwards of $US,15,000 or more!

Additionally, some of the  Multi-Wavelength units are Class 4 and hence have the potential to burn skin if used incorrectly.  This is definitely not the case with the VetLaser 3000 units that are Class 3B, with <500mW output power.

Please visit the following link to read more about the New 4 Wavelength Cluster Head VetLaser 3000. 


Please visit the following link to read more about Penetration Depths and Infrared Wavelengths as used in the VetLaser 3000.  The VetLaser 3000 was designed, manufactured and engineered in Australia taking into account all the design features and specifications required to successfully treat injures animals in a safe, effective and drug-free way. 

The future of laser therapy is with portable, Class 3B Cold Laser Therapy units such as the VetLaser 3000.  The unit is sold world-wide to owners, trainers and Vets and we have glowing testimonials from people who have successfully used the product to treat their animal’s injuries.

Class 3B Cold Laser