Mutli-Wavelength VetLaser 3000

Cluster head with 4 wavelengths

Multi-Wavelength Cluster Head

Combining 808nm, 830nm, 904nm and 635nm, the Cluster Head comprises 4 well known laser therapy wavelengths into the one head.

When combined, a unique  combination of 4 wavelengths and high output power allows for treating a wide range of ailments and pain conditions in animals.  If one is looking for a Laser Therapy unit that treats a wide range of ailments, the Multi-Wavelength VetLaser 3000 is the product to choose!

Laser 3000

Wavelengths used in Cluster Head

  • 808nm (300mW) and 830nm (70mW) combine deep penetrating properties as well as their healing interaction with damaged cells.  A high percentage of laser therapy units on the market use these 2 wavelengths as they are involved in the healing process.
  • 904nm (70mW) – this wavelength increases oxygen in the damaged tissue by interacting with iron in hemoglobin. The VetLaser 3000 also comes with 7 pre-programmed Nogier frequencies (73Hz-4672Hz), allowing for pulsing of the wavelengths.
  • 660nm (1mW) –  The visible aiming beam allows for precise and accurate positioning of the Cluster head onto the damaged tissue.

Being a Multi-Wavelength Cluster Head laser, enables on to gain the benefits of 3 of the best Infrared laser diode wavelengths available, 808nm, 830nm and 904nm in the one package.  There is also the addition of a visible red 635nm aiming beam.

Points to Remember When Choosing a Laser Therapy Unit

  • Class 3B Lasers penetrate 5cm into muscle tissue  and DO NOT burn, unlike Class 4 Lasers that can if used incorrectly.
  • Diode laser therapy units such as the VetLaser 3000 that use GaAlAs (Gallium Aluminum Arsenide) diodes are far superior thane those units that use (LEDs)
  • Don’t be fooled by Class 4 manufacturers who claim that their laser therapy units penetrate deeper than Class 3B, the fact is that the wavelengths used eg 980nm have different properties, please read the following article for further information.

Please visit the following link to read an  excellent article covering Penetration of Light using laser therapy.


The 4 Wavelength Cluster Head VetLaser 3000 is $4085 Australian Dollars.  Compare this with similar products that are $US 15,000 or more!

‘The flawed science and technology used by Class 4 laser therapy manufacturers implies that more power equates to deeper penetration is incorrect and proven so by well respected authorities in the laser therapy field’

Class 3B Cold Laser