Therapeutic Laser

Cold Laser

The VetLaser 3000 is Veterinary Laser designed to provide paid pain relief and healing from a number of aliments and injuries found in animals.  Laser therapy is recognized world-wide as one of the fastest, reliable and most effective treatment modalities available today.

Clinically proven and safe to use, Cold Laser Therapy is used by owners, trainers and Vets to treat their animals without the need for drugs that may have harmful side-effects.

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Therapeutic Laser

The VetLaser 3000 is a therapeutic laser that was ergonomically designed for portable use.  The handle is comfortable with a user-friendly interface, allowing for quick entering of treatment dosages.

Being Class 3B, with <500mW of output power, the VetLaser 3000 is a Cold Laser (sometimes referred to as Soft Laser), that delivers sufficient energy to penetrate deep into muscle tissue.

Cold Laser Therapies in infra-red wavelengths eg 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, 904nm have been proven to be the most effective in treating injured ligaments, tendons and muscles in animals.

Cold laser therapy equipment, such as the VetLaser 3000, is a must have for every Owner, Trainer and Vet who is serious about treating their animals using the latest in Veterinary technology.


Laserex has received many glowing testimonials from people who are effectively using the VetLaser 3000 on their animals.

VetLaser 3000 Packages

Laserex has several packages with Single and or Cluster Heads available that all attach interchangeably onto the VetLaser 3000 handle.


The VetLaser 3000 comes with the ability to store 14 dosages (Joules) into the unit’s memory. This allows for quick and easy selection of the dosage required to treat the injured area.


Upon purchasing the VetLaser 3000, you will receive a chart showing major muscle groups in dogs and horses.Laserex Poster 2015

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Laserex will also provide you with a printed colour PowerPoint Presentation showing detailed instructions for operating the VetLaser 3000.

Class 3B Cold Laser