Laser 3000

Product Features

  • The Laser 3000™ symbolizes a breakthrough in design and product features. The unit has the facility for interchangeable heads, allowing one to purchase an additional head, thereby upgrading the laser economically.

Photobiomodulation Therapy

  • Ergonomically designed for the owner, trainer and vet in mind, the VetLaser 3000 is attractively presented and priced.  Being a portable unit, there is no need for a control box and cables that can easily break over time. The VetLaser 3000 is attractively priced and presented.

VetLaser 3000 Heads

  • In total, 8 different heads of various output powers and wavelengths can be used with the Laser 3000™.  See the specification page for further details.

Probe Recognition

  • The Laser 3000™ also comes with a probe recognition feature, a remote interlock, electronic key code and a high color OLED display.

Electronic Key Code

  • The electronic key code is an added safety feature of the Laser 3000™, ensuring that only the operator is using the unit.  The Laser 3000™ has the facility for one to enter their own PIN, if desired.

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Output Powers & Wavelengths

  • Powers range from 5mW-450mW and are available in all common wavelengths. This makes the Laser 3000™ ideal for treating large muscle groups as found on horses and greyhounds, requiring high levels of power and energy.

Programmable Nogier Frequencies and Continuous Wave

  • The Laser 3000™ comes with 7 programmable Nogier frequencies: 73Hz, 146Hz, 292Hz, 584Hz, 1168Hz, 2336Hz and 4672Hz.  The unit can also operate in continuous wave frequency.

Versatile Product

  • Laserex’s design and development team devised a unit that provides a highly efficient, versatile and cost effective solution for both Veterinarians as well as owners and trainers. The stylish design of the Laser 3000™ makes it both comfortable and safe to use either in the office or out in the field.

Class 3B Laser

  • Being a Class 3B laser, all necessary safety features are incorporated in the design of the Laser 3000™ in terms of the unit coming with a RF interlock feature.
Quality Laser Therapy Unit
  • Laserex Technologies, an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Company, designs, manufactures and markets quality laser therapy units suitable for use by Veterinarians.  Our laser therapy units are  designed with the Professional in mind. Laserex products are manufactured so that price, performance and features are not compromised.
  • Please download the Laser 3000 brochure  with Technical Specifications of this exciting new product.

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