World’s Best Greyhound Laser

GPP IFR Laser 3300 – The World’s Best Greyhound Laser

The GPP IFR Laser 3300 was specifically developed for greyhound use. The 3300 has proven time and again as being the best greyhound laser on the market.  This is evidenced by winners of major greyhound races being treated with the laser.  With an 808nm cluster head with a visible red aiming beam, the GPP IFR Laser 3300 is ideal for the serious greyhound owner or trainer who wants their valued dogs in top condition when its matters the most – on race day!

The Exclusive Distributor of the 3300 is Jack Ogilvie who as over 50 years experience as a greyhound owner and trainer.  Jack also has his own range of supplements available for purchase.

For further details contact Jack on 0419 317 931 or email;