Ultimate Package

VetLaser 3000 – 2 Handles and 6 Heads

For the ultimate package covering all the wavelengths and heads, look no further than the Top of the Range VetLaser 3000 6 Head Package!

The Ultimate Package comprises 2 Kits with the following:

Kit #1

  • 1 x 808nm Cluster Head 450mW output power
  • 1 x 830nm Cluster Head 150mW output power
  • 1 x 660nm Cluster Head 90mW output power

Kit #2

  • 1 x 808nm Single Head 300mW output power
  • 1 x 830nm Single Head 100mW output power
  • 1 x 660nm Single Head 30mW output power

Each kit comes with it’s own handle and sturdy carry case with foam insert.

As well, the kit comes with an excellent color treatment protocol book, written by well know veterinary chiropractors, Peter Rosin and Anja Fuchtenbusch. 

There are 2 books, one covering dogs and cats and the other covers treating horses.  Simply state which book you wish to receive when placing your order.

The Single Heads are ideal for treating Acupuncture and Trigger points as well as wounds and scars.  The visible red wavelength penetrates 1.5cm into muscle tissue, whilst the Infrared wavelengths penetrate 5cm.

The VetLaser 3000 Ultimate Package is ideal for those wanting combinations of wavelengths and laser heads.

Contact Laserex for pricing and availability of this exciting new VetLaser 3000 package. 

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