Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy (LLLT), sometimes referred to as laser light therapy is used to successfully heal and treat injured animals.

A low level laser therapy machine such as the Laser 3000, penetrates deep into the muscle tissue of the animal, repairing injured cells and encouraging blood flow to the damaged tissue.

Veterinary Class 3B Cold Laser

Rapid Healing

The rapid healing properties of cold light therapy have proven to be the most effective form of treatment on the market today. A therapeutic laser, such as the Laser 3000 has been designed for the professional Vet, owner and trainer in mind.

The portable nature of the product, enable quick and easy use of the product either on the track, at home or in the office.

Effective Treatment

Lazer therapy is now regarded as the most effective form of treating when it comes to soft tissue injuries, as well as torn ligaments, muscles and tendons.  LLLT is now used internationally as a safe, effective treatment modality where there are no drugs involved and no harmful side effects.

University studies and Research Institutes continue to provide positive feedback regarding the benefits derived from cold light therapy.

Laser light therapy  penetrates 5cm deep into the muscle tissue, providing pain relief and healing properties.

Australian Designed & Manufactured

The Laser 3000 is manufactured in Australia and complies with all the Laser Safety Standards required of Class 3B laser therapy units.

Class 3B Laser

Class 3B therapeutic lasers have <500mW of output power and hence, cannot burn, unlike Class 4 lasers that have the potential to, if incorrectly used.

Laserex is an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company.

Class 3B Cold Laser