Greyhound Laser

With the ever increasing demands placed on greyhounds, these animals can suffer injuries resulting in them being sidelined off the track for extended periods of time. With the Laser 3000™, owners and trainers can successfully manager their greyhound’s injuries. Whether it be a strained muscle or tendon, the Laser 3000™ provides the necessary amount of energy required to heal the injury, meaning your dog will be back on track quickly.

Ideal for Owners & Trainers

The Laser 3000 is used effectively as a Greyhound Laser by owners and trainers. The portable nature of the product allows for easy use at the track or back home. Why wait to take the injured greyhound to the vet or back home where a bulky desktop system is waiting. With the Laser 3000, the greyhound can be treated right there and then on the spot, thus providing rapid pain relief.

Heals Damaged Cells

By stimulating healthy cell growth, the laser treatment delivered by the Laser 3000™ results in rapid improvements in your greyhound’s health. Soft tissue injuries are treated exceptionally well with the Laser 3000™ as well as any trauma on the surface of the skin of the greyhound.

Single & Cluster Heads

With the option of either a single or cluster head, the Laser 3000™ is an ideal tool for the serious owner or trainer wanting their greyhound to perform at their peak with as little time off the track as possible with injuries. The high output powers with the infrared versions of the Laser 3000™ enable quicker treatment times than those associated with other treatment modalities.

Cost Effective Form Of Treatment

Considering the contraindications associated with other treatments available, the Laser 3000™ is a very cost effective way of treating injured greyhounds. Veterinarians can also use the Laser 3000™ as a greyhound laser to treat injured dogs.

Please visit the following link if you are a horse owner or trainer interested in using the Laser 3000™ as an equine laser.

Whilst there are no harmful side effects associated with laser therapy, one should always consult a Veterinarian if there is concern over a greyhound’s injury.

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