Laser 3000 Kit

The Laser 3000 Kit comes with the following:

The Laser 3000 Kit comes with all the features one would expect to find for a product costing many thousands more.

Single and / or Cluster Head Probe
2 sets of rechargeable batteries
Battery recharger
IR viewing card
Laser Safety Eyewear
RF Interlock
User Manual
Treatment dosages
PowerPoint presentation
AC Adaptor for re-charging

Laser 3000 in case Laser 3000 with heads Laser 3000 Single Head

How Laser Therapy Works

Low Level Laser therapy is used to stimulate cells at specific wavelengths eg 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, 904nm as well as other infrared wavelengths. By applying laser therapy to the injured muscle tissue at the correct dosage level, damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments are repaired. Pain and inflammation are also reduced.

Physiological Effects

The physiological effects of cold laser therapy make it a very useful tool to have to treat injured animals in a fast, effective, drug free way.

The VetLaser 3000 is perfect for use by Owners, Trainers and Vets to manage their animal’s injuries.

Carry case Cluster head

Laser 3000 Product Features:

Safe Non Evasive Treatment
Rapid healing properties
Stores up to 14 dosages in unit’s memory
Real laser diodes not LEDs
Penetrates 5cm into muscle tissue (808nm)
Continuous Wave & Pulsing Frequencies
Option for multiple heads
Multiple Wavelengths available
2 year warranty

Equine laserHorse treated with Laser 3000

Class 3B Cold Laser